1974 – Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) (April 2024)

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5th April 2024, Studley, Warwickshire

“Absolutely brilliant. Fantastic lecturer. Brilliant wet labs with video and big screen ideal! Very personable, answered all my questions.”


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BOAS is a complex multilesional disease that varies amongst breeds. During this small group practical course we’ll concentrate on the three most popular extreme brachycephalic breeds (French bulldog, pug and bulldog) and explain the different lesion sites, disease recognition and risk factors. Learn key surgical techniques in hands on practical sessions with direct help and support from our expert and approachable tutors.

 What you’ll learn: 

  • Risk factors and disease recognition for BOAS
  • Airway noise – what is the significance?
  • BOAS functional grading
  • Which diagnostic tests to use
  • What’s new- what else is available if the conventional surgery fails?
  • Surgical techniques – hands-on small group practical sessions teaching you nostril surgery, palate reduction, tonsillectomy and saccule resection
  • Pre and post-operative management to decrease surgical complications – including tracheostomy placement and care

Course Tutor:  Rachel Hattersley BVetMed(Hons) CertSAS DECVS MRCVS

Course Feedback:

“Amazing experience and great way of improving my  set of skills.”

“Very enjoyable practical course, as I have come to expect from CPD Solutions.”

“Great course and tutor. It’s very well organised.”

This course is kindly sponsored by Veterinary Instrumentation

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