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Advance25TM Courses help you to develop your knowledge and clinical skills in a defined area of small animal practice. These fully flexible online courses include tutor support and interaction via live sessions and discussion forums. There’s no need to log on for the live sessions as your course materials are all recorded, and you have full access for a 12 month period. The course runs for a six week period, and you’ll get tutor support for a further 2 weeks in case you need to catch up. After that, you’ll still have full access to all of your course materials although the tutor support will end. Complete your learning and get your CPD Certificate for 25 Hours of CPD.

Emergency medicine cases can be daunting but can also be exciting and rewarding when you make the best decisions you can in an effective and efficient way. This 6 week course will help to take the panic out of some of the clinical situations you’ll have to face in first opinion practice by equipping you with a sound and practical approach and a means of making the most of the staff and facilities you have available.

What you’ll learn:-

The course is designed to allow time to cover a range of topics using a combined body systems and problem based approach. We will start by thinking about the general approach to emergency medicine and how triage might be applied in practice in week one and then move on to cover the following:

  • Stabilising a patient- if fluids or blood products are the answer, what was the question?
  • Respiratory nightmares- taking control of a stressful situation in a safe way
  • The acute abdomen- when might a medicine case need surgery?
  • “Kidney chaos and plumbing problems”- reversing the damage and/or stopping the progression
  • Endocrine crises- can we restore the balance?

Recorded webinars and course notes will be used to present up to date and evidence based information and to help signpost useful resources.  Working through live case based presentations each week will help develop (or just dust off) clinical reasoning skills to make sure that useful “take home skills” are achieved without even leaving home. The course will also include opportunities to improve your diagnostic imaging interpretation for emergency cases by incorporating radiographic “film” reading and some ultrasound images.

The discussion forum will allow plenty of opportunity for asking questions and generating discussions. Questions people might think are “stupid” will be especially welcome as these can sometimes be the hardest to answer and generate really useful discussions. The only stupid questions are those that are never asked – this course will enable us to cover a lot of ground and therefore hopefully address and answer a lot of questions.

Feedback from Vets who have completed this course:-

‘Very good notes, well presented webinars, cases were very helpful’

‘Very practical approach for first opinion practice.’

‘I am more confident now in which information to collect immediately and how to make a plan, even if my patients have to be referred to the night vets’

‘The content of the webinars – easy to understand, lots of nuggets of useful information. Aimed perfectly for the emergency practitioner. The study notes are a great takeaway.’

Tutor : Jane Eastwood MA VetMB DVR DSAM MRCVS

Jane has worked in a range of practices over the years including general mixed and small animal practice and both private referral and teaching hospital practices. She is currently Associate Professor in Small Animal Medicine at Nottingham Vet School and also works part time with the BSAVA education team. She has always enjoyed the emergency side of medicine – before specialising in medicine her focus was diagnostic imaging and the two subject areas work together very well. She has always enjoyed teaching at both undergraduate and post graduate level and especially enjoys case based teaching and discussions.

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