AD138 – Advance25 Ophthalmology

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This course commences on 3rd October 2023, with the last session taking place on 10th November 2023.  The forum will remain open for two weeks after the last session.

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Advance25 Courses help you to develop your knowledge and clinical skills in a defined area of small animal practice. These fully flexible online courses include tutor support and interaction via an interactive discussion forum you can ask questions and join the discussion at any time, wherever you are in the world. There are no ‘real time’ sessions that you need to be available for, so this course is suitable for you whatever your time zone. All of your course materials are all recorded, and you have full access for a 12 month period. The course runs for a six week period, and you’ll get tutor support for a further 2 weeks in case you need to catch up. After that, you’ll still have full access although the tutor support will end. Complete your learning and get your CPD Certificate for 25 Hours of CPD.

There are course notes for you to download, and self-assessment quizzes to test your learning. Your tutor is on hand to help you throughout your course, and discussion forums allow on-going case questions and answers.

Complete your study, pass your self-assessment quizzes and get your personalised CPD Certificate for 25 Hours of CPD.

Apply theory to the patients you’re likely to see in your practice with these new courses. Use your new knowledge and skills straight away in your practice.

Revisit your course materials at any time during your 12 months’ access to refresh your knowledge whenever you have a relevant patient.

Ophthalmology can be daunting as the equipment and anatomy associated with urgency of the cases can prove to be a barrier to treating the patient and expanding your expertise. The aim of this online course is to give you a thorough grounding in the diagnosis and management of common ocular diseases seen in primary practice. By the end of the course you should have increased your skill level, confidence and knowledge to all ow you to tackle even some of the more complicated cases presenting to you in practice.

Week 1: Ophthalmic Examination and Adnexal disease

 Ophthalmic Examination and Adnexal disease. These sessions will explore how to conduct an Ocular clinical examination using a range of equipment available in clinical practice. Utilising these skills to facilitate a complete adnexal examination to help localise disease and make a treatment plan.

Week 2: Pre-corneal tear film, KCS and corneal disease

This is a common region for ocular disease in practice and warrants a review of diagnostic techniques and localisation of clinical disease so that correct treatment can be instigated at an early stage.

Week 3: Feline Ophthalmology and Rodent/Rabbit Ophthalmology

 Most of our patients are going to be canine but not all. Somebody in the practice needs to help our smaller patients and they can be tricky to diagnose.

Week 4: Brachycephalic disease and corneal surgery

These are common issues in practice and easy to get correct, but easier to get wrong. We will look at some of the typical pitfalls and remedies for these problems.

Week 5: Uveitis and Glaucoma in one session and the Lens in another

 How do we differentiate Nuclear sclerosis form cataract and what are our options for treatment. Is it easy to always differentiate Uveitis from Glaucoma when they commonly come together, tricks and tips on dealing with this conundrum.

Week 6: Basic Ophthalmic surgery, anaesthesia and patient preparation

Routinely in practice more of the case load is becoming surgical and this can present a problem if we do not think about some of the issue that will be coming our way both for the anaesthesia and what surgical technique we should be using. Reviewing the surgical instruments and positioning can make a stressful surgery much more relaxing.


Neil Geddes BVM&S, Cert VOphthal. MRCVS RCVS Advanced Practitioners in Veterinary Ophthalmology

Jim Carter BVetMed DVOphthal DipECVO MRCVS RCVS and European Specialist in Veterinary Ophthalmology and panel member for the BVA/KC/ISDS Eye Scheme

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