AD147 – Advance25 – Cardiac Ultrasound

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25 Hours of Fully Flexible Online CPD / CE

This course starts on Monday 2nd September 2024, with the last session taking place on Wednesday 9th October 2024.

Take your cardiac scanning to the next level with the help of our expert and approachable tutors.

Log on at any time – suitable for all time zones.

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Learn in your own time with this fully flexible Advance25TM Course.

Get more out of your cardiac scanning with this interactive online course. Cardiac ultrasound is an important part of examining patients with known or suspected heart disease. Understanding the principles behind echocardiography will help you with image acquisition and optimisation, enabling confident interpretation with your patients. This course will take you through the principles of echocardiography, including advanced techniques, and their application to various disease processes in both cats and dogs. Take your cardiac scanning to the next level with the help of our expert and approachable tutor.

Enjoy unlimited access to your course materials for a full 12 months. Get the help you need to deal effectively with your small animal cardiac ultrasound patients.

Complete the course and get your CPD / CE Certificate for 25 Hours of learning.

Use your new knowledge and skills straight away in your practice.
Revisit your course materials at any time during your 12 months’ access to refresh your knowledge whenever you have a relevant patient.

Session 1: Getting the most out of your ultrasound machine

Image quality and optimisation are extremely important if you are to interpret your echocardiography images confidently. This session will give you the knowledge that you need to optimise your ultrasound images and get a clearer picture with your cases.

Session 2: Measuring and interpreting your echocardiography images

Accurate and repeatable measurement of echocardiography images is key to determining if an animal has heart disease, especially with those animals that need longitudinal follow up. In this session we will review commonly used measurements associated with right-sided views and discuss evaluation of systolic function.

Session 3: Echocardiography of acquired heart disease in the cat

Diastolic function is important to evaluate feline heart disease. In this session we will discuss interpretation of diastolic function together with how to diagnose the various forms of acquired feline heart disease.

Session 4: Echocardiography of acquired heart disease in the dog and miscellaneous heart diseases

Acquired heart disease is commonly identified in dogs. This session will review echocardiography of degenerative mitral valve disease and dilated cardiomyopathy. We will then go on to discuss more unusual presentations such as pericardial effusion, endocarditis and pulmonary hypertension.

Session 5: Echocardiography of congenital heart disease in cats and dogs

Congenital heart disease is frequently encountered in small animal practice. This session will review more common congenital diseases and their echocardiographic appearance. Focus will be on patent ductus arteriosus, pulmonic and aortic stenosis, valve dysplasia and septal defects.

Session 6: Case based integration

This final session will go through canine and feline cases pulling together everything you have learnt in this course. We’ll look at some of the patients that you’re likely to encounter in your practice.

What do Vets Say About this Course?

‘Both speakers excellent performance. High quality. It being available for such a long time reducing stress of finishing it at high pace.’

Bert Jan Reezigt MRCVS

‘Very informative and practical , good notes and pictures. It is very useful when you want to develop further skills on cardiac ultrasound.’

Carmen Ruiz-Olmedo MRCVS

‘I found the course really excellent. The presentations were of an exceptionally high standard and I’m very excited to take all I have learned back to my practice.’

Patrick Keating MRCVS

‘Brilliant detail regarding echo views, measurements, acquired and congenital disease. Will be very beneficial to my role in clinical practice and is already having a huge impact in how I manage my cases.’

Rachel Church MRCVS



Siddaharth Sudunagunta BVetMed CertAVP(VC) MRCVS

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