ADN106 – Basics of the Emergency and Critical Care Patient

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Advance15TM Courses help you to develop your knowledge and clinical skills in a defined area of small animal practice. These fully flexible online courses include tutor support and interaction via an interactive discussion forum you can ask questions and join the discussion at any time, wherever you are in the world. There are no ‘real time’ sessions that you need to be available for, so this course is suitable for you whatever your time zone. All of your course materials are all recorded, and you have full access for a 12 month period. The course runs for a four week period, and you’ll get tutor support for a further 2 weeks in case you need to catch up. After that, you’ll still have full access although the tutor support will end. Complete your learning and get your CPD Certificate for 15 Hours of CPD.

Through the use of practical application and cases, this course aims to provide a well-rounded approach to emergency and critical care (ECC) nursing. It will focus on practical nursing skills and the critical care thinking skills which benefit these patients, as well as a comprehensive guide on how to implement the treatments for some commonly encountered emergencies.

The course will review the basics for nursing the ECC patient including triage and nursing care plans, pain scoring systems and the role of multimodal analgesia, understanding fluid therapy, nursing considerations for specific conditions and how to perform the most effective CPR.

Week 1

Webinar 1 and 2: Webinar 1: How do I approach triage both in the emergency room and within the critical care setting using patient scoring systems and an excellent clinical assessment
Webinar 2: How do I care for critical care patients – a thorough discussion of nursing care plans and Kirby’s rule of 20 and its application

Week 2

Webinar 1: How do I assess my patient for pain – The role of pain scoring, how to implement them in practice and what multimodal analgesia really entails

Webinar 2: Shock and dehydration – How to assess parameters and clinical lab work to understand fluid choices, how to calculate replacement and maintenance fluid therapy, how to assess fluid responsiveness and which catheter placement is most appropriate for the patient

Week 3

Webinar 1: Cardio-respiratory emergencies- How to nurse these emergencies, including understanding the treatment modalities and the use of monitoring tools such as auscultation, electrocardiography (ECG) and thoracic point of care ultrasound

Webinar 2: How do I nurse the poly-trauma patient – Considerations for those patients with multiple injuries, covering specific nursing considerations for the head trauma patient and urinary trauma patient

Week 4

Webinar 1: A practical guide to wounds and fractures

Webinar 2: Cardio-pulmonary arrest and resuscitation- How to perform the most effective CPR, discussion of crash boxes and team roles and how to utilize all members of the team in a CPA scenario

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Tutor : Chloe Fay BSc (Hons) RVN CertVN ECC VTS (ECC)


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