ADN110 – Advance15 – Nutrition

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This course commences on 23rd January 2024, with the last session taking place on 16th February 2024. The forum will remain open for two weeks after the last session.

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Advance15TM Courses help you to develop your knowledge and clinical skills in a defined area of small animal practice. These fully flexible online courses include tutor support and interaction via an interactive discussion forum you can ask questions and join the discussion at any time, wherever you are in the world. There are no ‘real time’ sessions that you need to be available for, so this course is suitable for you whatever your time zone. All of your course materials are all recorded, and you have full access for a 12 month period. The course runs for a four week period, and you’ll get tutor support for a further 2 weeks in case you need to catch up. After that, you’ll still have full access although the tutor support will end. Complete your learning and get your CPD Certificate for 15 Hours of CPD.

Week 1

Webinar 1: Introduction, nutrients, nutritional requirements in the EU (including the UK), screening nutritional assessment.       

  • Understand the importance of nutrition in small animal practice
  • Know the macro and micronutrients required by dogs and cats
  • Be able to perform a screening nutritional assessment

Webinar 2: Understanding pet food labels and nutrient calculations, sources of reliable nutrition information  Understand the information provided on a petfood label and what is legally required

  • Be able to calculate dry matter from as fed nutrients, resting energy requirements, maintenance energy requirements
  • Understand nutrients on an energy basis

Week 2

Webinar 1: Life stage feeding including maintenance, growth, reproduction, senior pet diets, diets for dental diets and treats, feeding management   

  • Understand the nutritional requirements for maintenance, growth and reproduction
  • Understand changes in nutrient requirements for senior pets
  • Under the basis and efficacy of dental diets and treat
  • Understand the basics of feeding management

Webinar 2: Communication skills

  • Learn how to initiate a conversation about nutrition
  • Understand the potential obstacles to the discussion
  • Know the stages of change

Week 3

Webinar 1: Obesity, sarcopenia, cachexia     

  • Understand the risk factors for obesity
  • Be able to design weight loss plan
  • Understand the definitions and effects of sarcopenia and cachexia

Webinar 2: Alternative and raw diets  

  • Be familiar with some of the potential alternative diets
  • Understand the potential risks of raw diets

Week 4

Webinar 1 & 2: Dietetic/therapeutic diets in the EU

  • Understand the PARNUTS dietetic diet used in the UK and EU, e.g. diets for urinary and GI disorders

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Tutor: Marge Chandler DVM MS MACVSc DipACVN DipACVIM DipECVIM-CA MRCVS Veterinary Surgeon

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