MS264 – RVN’s- Sit back, relax, lets take a stress free bite out of dentistry!

£297.00 (+VAT)

Referral Veterinary Anaesthesia & Dental Nurse for three 2-hour sessions. Includes 12 months access to all of your course materials.

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  • Join Stacey Parker RVN, NCERT (ANAESTH), ISFMCERT (FN), MBVNA Referral Veterinary Anaesthesia & Dental Nurse for three 2-hour sessions
  • Comprehensive notes to downloaded
  • Self-assessment quizzes to ‘release’ your 8 hours CPD certification (don’t worry, you can take them more than once if you don’t quite hit the mark first time)
  • A whole year’s access to recorded sessions for reviewing key points
  • Superb value for money – learn without travelling
  • Watch the recordings on your iPad!



Session 1

The dental ‘consultation’, What am I looking at in that mouth? How best to care for dental instrumentation and equipment

We do not have to wait for an official dental consultation to be looking in our patient’s mouth, we should have a peek at every opportunity as things can change quickly. This may be at intubation for another surgery, or just at their vaccine/puppy/kitten consult. It is all very well looking in the mouth as much as possible, but we need to feel confident in what is normal, and what we may be seeing if it is not. This session is highly pictorial and will walk you through different oral presentations

What you’ll learn:

  • Differentiating between worn and fractured teeth and what treatment may be indicated
  • Gingivostomatitis- and other pathologies that are often confused for gingivostomatitis
  • Oral masses
  • Deciduous teeth
  • Malocclusion types and potential treatment for such
Session 2

Considerations for dentistry anaesthesia and an approach to dental local nerve blocks

Dentistry is one of the most common procedures performed within the veterinary clinic, with over 75% of patients requiring dental treatment. For dentistry to be performed safely, our patients must be placed under general anaesthesia. The RVN is best placed to be monitoring the anaesthesia of these patients- but do you feel comfortable when you are placed on dentistry for the day? Or does your heart sink a little?

This session will give you an insight into the main concerns during anaesthesia for dentistry, and how to reduce your stress, and provide the best care for your patients whilst they undergo their vital oral surgery. We will be covering:

Airway security

Anaesthesia for dentistry does not need to result in a hypothermic patient and a stressed-out nurse!

I often describe anaesthesia as a rollercoaster ride, sometimes the track is smooth and all is well, other times there is a lot of ups and downs, which is not ideal. Gold standard analgesia will assist with smoothing out the anaesthesia journey, for the patient and the entire team. In dentistry facilitating the use of local nerve blocks will improve everyone’s experience tenfold!

What you’ll learn:

    • Why local nerve blocks are so beneficial
    • The risks involved and how to mitigate them
    • What blocks to choose for what surgery
    • Videos of Rachel Perry administering local nerve blocks to real patients and talking you through her steps.
Session 3  

It doesn’t have to hurt- Analgesia for Dentistry, How do I correctly complete a dental chart and effectively scale and polish teeth

Following on from last weeks session we will continue our journey on analgesia for dentistry. As RVN’s we may not be able to make the final decision on the analgesia plan for our patients, but we can be an advocate for them. With a deeper understanding of how different drugs work, and their benefits we can be a part of the team making an analgesic plan, tailored for each patient.

We will continue the session by going through a dental chart together, and how to annotate these correctly, and why this is so important. Finally, we will discuss scale and polishing, this is a practical task that RVN’s can really get involved with- like every procedure, this must be performed correctly- to not cause any harm. We will walk you through how to safely scale and polish teeth- alongside the reasoning behind doing so, meaning you can offer your patients a true Hollywood smile!

What you’ll learn:

      • Different drugs available
      • What doses to utilise
      • Routes of administration
      • Duration
      • Potential side effects and how to mitigate them
      • We will end with some case examples of patients that we have treated at Perry Referrals, and our thought processes behind our choices.


The price includes all 3 sessions, notes and quiz – 8 hours of CPD

*No traffic jams, accommodation hassles, pet or childcare, rota clashes, locum fees ……….. just great CPD and a valuable ongoing resource.

*overseas customers will not be charged VAT

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