Neurology Boot Camp Option C

£647.00 (+VAT)

Neurology Boot Camp Online Course, 12 months access PLUS Neurology Webinar Club 12 month Membership PLUS Neurological Examination CD-ROM and Seizures DVD

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Get your neurology fit for purpose with the Neurology Boot Camp! No more panic with panniculus; stressing about seizures or agonising over ataxia- all the answers you need are here and you don’t have to leave home!

Watch the video-packed online presentations, read the comprehensive study notes and answer the multiple choice assessment quizzes to test your learning.

Sessions include:

Neurology Boot Camp Part 1: Spines

Spinal Patients Step by Step

Painful Spinal Conditions

Non-Painful Spinal Conditions


Neurology Boot Camp Part 2: Collapse and Seizures

Intermittent collapse – The Neurologists View

Seizures in Dogs – How to get them under control

What to do when seizures get out of control

Seizures in cats


Neurology Boot Camp Part 3: Brains, Tremors and Twitches

The ‘Streetwise’ Neuro Exam for Brain Diseases

Vestibular Disease

The Wonderful world of tremors and twitches


Get your Neurology into shape now and decrease your stress levels with these challenging patients. And get your CPD certificate for 15 hours too!

With Option C you also get Full Membership of Neurology Webinar Club for 12 months- 12 live webinars plus access to all of the recordings in the club.

AND the Neurological Examination CD-ROM and the Seizures DVD worth £95 each!

Overseas customers will be charged VAT. However we will refund the VAT to you within 3 working days.

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Call now to reserve your place 0151 328 0444

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