Neurology Webinar Club (Annual)

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Neurology Webinar Club Membership

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Join Neurology Webinar Club for easy online CPD in key areas of neurological medicine and surgery. Learn from leading experts on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Your access is unlimited and your webinars are always available for you when you need help with a particularly tricky case. This club features lots of case videos to help you recognise specific presentations.

What do vets say about Neurology Webinar Club?

‘I really liked the webinar. It was very practical even for first line vets! It was very easy to follow and clear spoken.’

‘Was very impressed with the Webinar. Thought it allowed the speaker to pack in more information than a standard one hour course lecture’

‘I have just managed to complete the webinar and have to say it was first class – the logical way to ‘move’ from presentation of the animal to treatment was very useful and the explanation of why certain signs are seen with peripheral and certain signs are seen with central vestibular disease was excellent.’

‘Very informative, clear and easy to follow presentation. Extremely accessible way of clocking up those CPD hours and keeping up to date and refreshing knowledge.’

‘May I take this opportunity to express how happy I am with my membership of Webinar Club thus far. I have been impressed by the efficiency and reliability of the webinar service’

‘Wow! Thank you so much for a wonderful lecture. That was the best CPD I’ve done in years. You explained everything really clearly and succinctly. I really enjoyed it.’

‘Just for the record – I think this is a wonderful service.’

‘Thank you so much for a really good year of webinars.’

‘I enjoyed it and enjoyed being able to do at my own pace. It’s much easier to do the webinars when I have quiet time at home or in practice.’

‘Brilliant being able to access whenever convenient.’

‘Congratulations to the presenter for a well prepared and thorough presentation. The videos were an excellent introduction to the subject’

Your membership gives you one new webinar a month- watch it live and ask questions, or watch the recording at any time. Track your CPD effortlessly with your in built CPD Tracker and find what you need quickly with the webinar section links.

There’s over 100 hours of CPD waiting for you in Neurology Club, including:-

  • Acute onset tetraparesis – is it wobbly or weak?
  • Myelomalacia and other complications after spinal surgery
  • Toxic and Metabolic Causes of Seizures
  • Focus on Wobbler Syndrome
  • Anaesthesia of patients with intracranial disease
  • Use and misuse of steroids in neurology
  • Muscular dystrophies
  • Paroxysmal dyskinesia
  • Monoparesis
  • Dealing with the Paralysed Cat
  • CSF collection and analysis
  • Focus on spinal trauma
  • Approach to balance disorder in cats
  • Sleep disorders
  • Head Trauma – Assessment and How to Avoid a Crisis
  • Golden Rules of Neurology
  • Focus on Ischaemic Myelopathy, Meningitis/Myelitis and Degenerative Myelopathy
  • Common Brain Diseases Causing Blindness
  • Status Epilepticus and Cluster Seizures
  • Sorting Out Ataxia
  • Chiari Malformation and Syringomyelia
  • Video Tour of Approach to Ventral Slot and Hemilaminectomy
  • Focus on Lumbosacral Disease
  • Focus on Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)
  • Neurological Conditions of Young Dogs
  • Sorting Out Anisocoria
  • Case-Based Feline Neuromuscular Presentations
  • Could It Be In the Brain of This Cat?
  • Managing the Bladder of Neurological Patients
  • Cranial Neuropathies – Disorders of the Head and Face
  • Case-Based Spinal Presentations
  • Pupillary Disorders in Cats – Sorting Out Anisocoria
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Intracranial Surgery
  • Acute Neuromuscular Collapse
  • Inflammatory CNS Diseases
  • Intracranial Case Study
  • Head Trauma in Cats
  • Myelography and CSF Analysis
  • Seizures: What to Do Before you Start the Drug
  • Advanced Imaging in Spinal Disease
  • Focus on Intervertebral Disc Disease
  • Focus on Atlanto Axial Instability
  • Identity Crisis – Rule Out the Mimics of Seizure Disorders
  • The Lame Cat
  • Monoparesis: Lameness vs Neurological
  • Acute Spinal Injuries in Cats
  • Neuromuscular Disease in Cats
  • Meningitis and Encephalitis in Dogs – Treat for the Treatable!
  • Approach to Balance Disorders in Cats
  • What Do We Know about Brain Tumours in Dogs and Cats?
  • Dealing with the Paralysed Cat
  • Use and Misuse of Steroids in Neurology
  • Metabolic and Toxic Causes of Seizures
  • Focus on Spinal Trauma
  • Sorting out Anisocoria
  • Emergency Management of Seizures
  • Focus on Spondylomyelopathy (Wobbler Syndrome)
  • Neurological Diseases of Young Dogs
  • Focus on Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)
  • Focus on Lumbosacral Disease

You can join for a year or on an ongoing monthly basis. Please call us on 0151 328 0444 to start your easy online CPD with Neurology Webinar Club, or check out online and we’ll email you your access details.

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Call now to reserve your place 0151 328 0444

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