MSP087 – The Hand and Wrist (Online Mini Series)

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Join specialist physiotherapist Ian Gatt for these three 2-hour sessions and enhance your approach to the assessment and treatment of hand and wrist injuries. Includes 12 months access to all of your course materials.

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  • Increase your confidence in managing your patients with hand and wrist conditions
  • Get 8 Hours of CPD and your personalised CPD Certificate with this course
  • AND…you have a whole year’s access to recorded sessions for reviewing key points
  • Watch the recordings on your iPad, mobile, PC or tablet
  • Superb value for money – you learn without travelling or paying for accommodation, childcare or pet care

Improving Your Clinical Approach

• An overview of applied arthrokinematics of the hand and wrist
• Understanding of how this is a mechanically linked complex and should be considered as a unit when assessing and treating these areas

The Hand and Wrist are not areas commonly covered at both undergraduate and post graduate courses. They are also areas not commonly encountered by most practitioners in clinical practice or sports. Injuries in these areas do however occur in both sporting and non-sporting scenarios, and many practitioners are left uncomfortable in how to approach them. Certain disciplines, like occupational therapy, are more prone to cover this area as part of their required service delivery. Do even they however fully understand the relationship of one joint to another and the intricate movements that occur during specific tasks? In order to improve our knowledge of injuries we need to start with better understanding the basics; anatomy and mechanics. This exciting webinar will aim at explaining the complexity of this area, in a simple and specific manner, allowing a more confident approach to commonly encountered musculoskeletal injuries.

Objective Markers/Orthopaedic Examination

• Gain insight into better understanding and using specialised orthopaedic tests for the hand and wrist
• Understand what can be used as objective tests to assess, progress, and monitor injuries at the hand and wrist

Have you ever had to assess the Hand & Wrist using specialised orthopaedic tests? It is already hard when using similar tests for more commonly encountered areas like the shoulder and knee, so it is understandable how difficult this process can be. Part of this webinar will aim at highlighting particular tests which are worth knowing and understanding what these tests tell you. Further, using the knowledge gained from series 1 you will appreciate what you are actually doing when performing the tests and will therefore not need to learn them off by heart. This webinar will also give you an array of tools to use as objective markers. From the initial assessment process, progression, return to function/play criteria and monitoring, you will gain insight into simple tests that can allow you an improved management of injuries in the Hand & Wrist.

Treatment and Rehabilitation Principles and Approaches

• Provide a clinical reasoning for treatment/rehabilitation with consideration of acute through to progressive phase, and evaluation of post-op rehabilitation pathways
• Gain insight into a variety of easily available rehabilitative exercises of the hand and wrist

Treating a small yet complex structure like the Hand and Wrist can be quite daunting, especially since it is always unsure what best techniques, modalities, and rehabilitation regimes will yield best results. From the knowledge gained from Webinar 1 you will be able to better understand the mechanics of the injury incurred, and therefore the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation exercise will more easily follow suit. From the knowledge gained from Webinar 2 you will also understand whether your strategies are yielding the required effect through robust objective measures. This webinar will therefore build on the preceding presentations providing you with a wide choice of strategies that will enable a better success. It will also enable you to clinically appreciate post-operative timescales, and time your interventions at every stage in the healing process.


The price includes all 3 sessions, notes and quiz – 8 hours of CPD

*No traffic jams, accommodation hassles, pet or childcare, rota clashes, locum fees ……….. just great CPD and a valuable ongoing resource.

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